Domestic Silence Movie – Synopsis

In the film, Maria, a youthful married police officer has just been promoted to head the Child and Family Protection Unit in the police force. However her husband Moses, a self-made businessman, is insecure about the promotion and asks her to turn down the promotion in exchange of a business opportunity she has always wanted. However, the opportunities of the promotions are too good to let go. Moses’ insecurities make the once loving husband to become abusive. She however still loves him but now she must stand her ground. Will she survive?

Domestic Silence Movie – Review

From the outside, it was a perfect marriage, yet Maria hid purple ribs within her. On her skin as brown as hers, it was hard to spot, but it was there and she felt the pain with each breath. Their home was a cage for her body, her body a cage for her soul. Maria is an A1 Police officer, who strongly opposes violence against women in Uganda. She gets promoted and uplifted at her Office as she now heads the Child and Family protection unit which is the main bag of domestic crimes, this lingers as a threat of authority and balance in her marriage.

Maria a loving, caring mother and wife tries to strike a balance within her family and work and gets tangled in the dark chains of authority by her husband Moses who is threatened and insecure by her promotion.  Slowly, the last rays of silence peace fail in the home of Maria and Moses. Maria has being confined in the tight square of violence for eight years in her marriage but yet she still supports and persuades other women in leaving their homes, fighting. But she still stays in her broken violent home.

Moses’ violence erupts from his words, he knew every perceived flaw, every weakness and he knew where to put the pressure. Should she begin to climb higher, he knocked her down careful criticism of whatever supported up in his shallow sense of self-esteem. To him, it was the only way to keep Maria in control, submissive and fearful enough to ‘’love’’ him

Domestic Silence is a film thriller that vividly portrays the challenges of domestic violence in corporate Uganda and tells the story of the never ending hands of violence in the society through the eyes of a broken 30 years old police career woman. Her eyes shifts to the side as they became glazed with a glassy layer of tears. As she blinked, they dripped from her eyelids and slid down her cheeks. She bit her lip tightly in attempt to hide any sound that wanted to escape from her mouth; as her heart sank.

Would she be bold enough to break the spiral of silence? Even as her maid brings her husband to light.