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Film Title: Too late (Part 1, 2 &3) {Family Drama}

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A man mistreats his wife Liz with whom they have together for 12 years and suffered in poverty together. Now he is rich. He looks for another woman. Liz is forced to leave the home. As luck would have it, another man falls in love with Liz, he is taking her abroad, for good.


Film Title: This phone era (Family Drama)

A single mother buys her favourite child a smartphone, the other children (all girls) decide to use any other means to get smartphones too.


Film Title: Innocent tears (Part 1&2) {Action / Drama}

A village girl come to the city falls in love with a gungster, but the police is cleaning the city of gangs.


Film Title: Too late (Part 1, 2 &3) {Family Drama}

The original title of this film was mother in law. A son brings multiple ladies to his mother for “approval”. When she is before her son, all is well. Behind the scenes she is different till when a different girl comes on the scene.


Film Title: Once upon a time (Family Drama)

Set in a village these children have a high IQ.


Film Title: Let the kid be (Part 1 & 2) {All Family View}

We have two children in kindergarten from different families,  one with a rich background and the other poor background. The rich family, everyone is busy except the child. In the poor all the work is done by the child.

Film Title: Dorcus (Family Drama)

A story of a teenager girl who struggles to please two worlds.

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